Following is the list of 5 of the best aquatic-fresh category perfumes for men out there. They are worth having for every perfume lover who enjoys freshness around.

  1. Azzaro Chrome – It is a fresh fragrance for men, launched in 1996. It is excellent as a daily wear perfume. It is citrus, a bit soapy but very energizing and almost an electrifying metallic perfume.
  2. Givenchy Insense Ultramarine – Insense Ultramarine is a fresh fruity, spicy and aquatic masculine scent launched in 1995. The combination between fresh aquatic notes and fruits with a spicy  aura makes it special.
  3. Oxygene By Lanvin– With a opening is clean and bright opening Oxygene Homme is a fresh and light perfume for men. It’s a pleasant blend of crisp wood notes, aromatic herbs and salty seawater. It was launched in 2001.
  4. Hugo Element – It is a very fresh, clean, and crisp. With a balance of warm and cool, this should be a go-to fragrance when you need something inoffensive and comfortable. Launched in 2009 it makes a good summer fragrance.
  5. Blue Seduction by Antonio Banderas – Launched in 2007, this is a simple, elegant and modern perfume  that reminds us of the ocean. Good fresh fragrance for summer, daily use and good for work too.



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